How to replace your PhpStorm with VSCode

How to replace your PhpStorm with VSCode
PhpStorm is really fragrant. But it costs $ 199 a year.

I used to be reluctant to toss and spend money to renew.

Now more and more agree with the concept of GPL, so think about finding a way to replace it.

Of course, I found VS Code. One is to use Sublime's shortcut keys, and the other is that it is open source.

Of course, there are three problems to be solved:

1. Upload the file to the server when saving (this person should not need it) = ftp-sync
2. git = comes with
3. php syntax check = PHP Intelephense + phpcs + PHP Mess Detector
4. mysql syntax coloring = mysql-inline-decorator
5. php doc support = PHP DocBlocker
6. php format = phpfmt-PHP formatter

The configuration of the above plug-ins requires reading the accompanying documentation. Fortunately, it's all a page flow.


1. phpcs is a bit too strict.
2. Refactor still can't do it. I do n’t know who has the experience to teach me.